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Andy Warhol’s lost digital works were unearthed by a team of computer scientists, archivists, artists, and curators. For a great example of multiple disciplines working together, watch Trapped: Andy Warhol’s Amiga Experiments.

Interview: Roger Ross Williams & Jono Hall - "God Loves Uganda" »

A new film, now playing in Kansas City, makes a startling case – that American evangelicals, in the name of doing mission work, have triggered something in Africa that is very different from prayer and worship and medical help for the needy. Instead, the film suggests, they have influenced governments and societies to discriminate against gay and lesbian people … or worse.

On Central Standard, host Brian Ellison talks about the issue, with the director of God Loves Uganda and a representative of one of the American churches featured in the film: The Kansas City area’s own International House of Prayer. Are they preaching the gospel or inciting violence and suffering?

Listen to the podcast »

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New Track: Hella Sanitized by ARabbi. Sampled ODB. Artwork by Matt Susko.

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